What Do You Want From Me?


Recently, a friend asked me what I wanted to do, in terms of a career. I said I felt called to go into the ministry but I wasn’t positive where God wanted me. A fellow classmate saw our discussion, and offered me some words of wisdom:

Just ask and pray what God wants you to do and what He wants from you and you’ll get an answer. Keep the faith, and build a solid prayer life with God.”

At first I read his words and thought, “Yeah, I know. I’ve done (and am doing) that.” But then the phrase “Ask God..what He wants from you” struck me. I’m not sure I’ve asked that before. I’ve asked, “Where do You want me?” I’ve asked “What do You want me to do with my life?” But have I ever asked, “What do You want from me?”? Have you?

As I pondered that question, and actually asked that question of God, Micah 6:8 came into my head.

“No, O people, the Lord has told you what is good,
    and this is what he requires of you:
to do what is right, to love mercy,
    and to walk humbly with your God.” (NLT)

That’s what He wants from me.

“Do what is right.” He wants me to always do what is right – to always do what He would do, if He were in my situation. WWJD?

“Love mercy.” I am to show mercy to those around me. I shouldn’t be quick to judge; instead, I should be quick to extend mercy toward others – toward anyone and everyone.

“Walk humbly with your God.” There are two things to this phrase. First, I need to be humble. Pride is the root of all sin (think Satan wanting to be God, Eve eating the fruit so she could be like God, etc.) Besides, what do I have that God hasn’t given me? Secondly, He wants me to be so in-tune with Him that I can walk with Him. Two people who are walking together must know where to go, or they’ll end up walking in different directions. In the same way, I need to be so in-tune with God that I can walk with Him without ending up walking somewhere on my own because I’ve lost sight of Him, the journey, and the final destination.

Do what is right.

Love mercy.

Walk humbly with your God.

This is what the Lord requires of you.


10 thoughts on “What Do You Want From Me?

  1. Hey Rach,
    Have you ever thought for whom you’re writing? Is it the Christian community, or do you want people from other communities to be reached also? I think at the time when people of all shapes and forms are looking for a deeper answers in/for their lives, this post offers an excellent answer to the question, “If there’s a God in this world, what does He want from me?” However, to reach out to other communities, just for the sake of clarity, you need to take some of the, what I call, Christianees language out of it. For example, “the call to ministry”, which is exclusively a Christian term, can be changed to a to call to serving others. I really hope this helps. The post shows a great deal of honesty, transparency and a sense of hunger in you wanting to serve our Maker and his people. Keep writing, my friend.


    • Thank you very much for your feedback. I’m writing for whoever will read my blog. But I do agree that I could cut some of the ‘Christianees’ language, for the sake of those who may not understand. 🙂
      Thank you for the encouragement! For Christ and His kingdom!

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      • “Jesus Calling” takes about three minutes a day to read. It gives me such peace and inspiration every day. It’s a positive message even for non-believers. Don’t be a stranger, okay? I love your writing.

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      • Right. I’ve read some of “Jesus Calling” when others have posted about it, and it’s great!
        I’m following you now. 🙂 And I need to start blogging again… life has just been crazy busy recently…


  2. Another thing…Dont listen to username ShahShankedRedemption…use all the “Christianee” language you want girl. It was the Christianee language that brought the disciples to Jesus. It was Christianee language that brought countless amount of people to know Lord Christ and accept Him into a myriad of lives, all the while knowing He died on the Cross for our sins and to speak Christianee language as much as we want. Spreading the word of God, is as simple as reading the Bible in a mall or school.

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