Christian Pakistani Couple Murdered

A Christian couple in Pakistan was murdered on the 4th of November for allegedly desecrating the Qur’an. A mob beat, tortured, and then burned alive Shahzad Masih and his wife Shama Bibi (believed to be four months pregnant) to death. The report is the Pakistani police allegedly stood by and watched the mob kill the couple, but I don’t think that is known for sure, even though there have been reports about such incidents happening before. I ask for prayer for the couple’s family and especially their three children, between 18 months and seven years old. This is a very difficult subject to read about, but it should also be publicized instead of being swept under the carpet, in an effort to show that Christian persecution is very much alive.


“Head of the South Asian Forum of the Evangelical Alliance, Manoj Raithatha, has called on all Christians in the UK [I don’t know if those outside can sign too] to sign a petition, by the British Pakistani Christian Association, calling on the UK government to exert diplomatic pressure on Pakistan.” (


7 thoughts on “Christian Pakistani Couple Murdered

  1. I was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan and grew up around a lot of Christians and even studied in a Convent that was run by Nuns (sisters) and I am a Pakistani Muslim. There are still a significant amount of Christians whom I know off that live in Karachi. Personally I know they live a very liberal and good (as good as it can get given the current unfortunate affairs of Pakistan) life in Karachi. This situation is unfortunate and I absolutely condemn it, but Christian Persecution does not happen over there very frequently and that is what I got when I read your article. I would appreciate it if you did proper research about Pakistan… This is not being swept under the carpet, I have seen plenty of Facebook Posts (from Karachi residents) condemning this act as well as the Pakistani news channels reporting it. It has not gone unnoticed.

    I would also like to add that more than thousands of Karachi residents have lost their lives due to “religious blasts” and “terrorism” and the media fails to mentions the price the poor are paying for Pakistan’s unfortunate current affairs…It is sad to think humanity is being lost in that country.

    I apologize for this Christian couple and will surely pray for their children but I do know that my parents, everybody we know and myself have never discriminated against anyone. I apologize for the people who are making Pakistan look bad in front of the world. They do not even have the tolerance for the people who come from a different sub-category of their own religion for e.g., Sunnis, Shias, Ahamdis, etc.

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    • This post was not meant to attack Pakistani Muslims. I understand that such an incident does not represent everyone in Pakistan. At the same time, and not to attack your country, but when it comes to conducting proper research about Pakistan, I have. According to the World Watch List, Pakistan is ranked 8 this year in Christian persecution (up from 14th place last year.) That rank is based on direct reports from Pakistan.

      I wasn’t necessarily saying this incident itself was being pushed under the carpet. But incidents like this are (and not just incidents in Pakistan), and sometimes it’s a while before you ever hear about it. For example, Asia Bibi in Pakistan is on death row (and has been for about five years) because she’s a Christian convicted of blasphemy. Her case is just now getting attention. After about five years… Some sources reported on her case before now, but the main news is only just now picking it up. So my point is a lot of these cases are ignored by the international media (and consequently many people don’t hear about it), and I want to try to keep up awareness about such cases.
      I agree with you, that we don’t always hear about acts of terrorism in other countries either, and I suppose that’s because they’re pretty common, which is so sad. I conducted a research paper on terrorism once, and I found that however many acts of terrorism the West endures, the Middle East and Africa endure many, many more. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      I respect you and your family for never discriminating. And that’s how it should be. Again, my post wasn’t meant to attack you or generalize the people of Pakistan. But the fact remains that Christian persecution does happen in Pakistan, and it doesn’t always make it on the national news.

      Thank you for feeling free to voice your opinion, as this is an open blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. So sad that this violence still goes on today 2014 and for the most part is NOT even acknowledged. I love the message you are sending…it spreads awareness


  3. Thank you for keeping up on global news that is often hidden from North Americans. I understand completely that this has nothing to do with the true musilim faith and everything to do with pure hate that has risen to extreme violence across the world.

    The other night I read a post about Isis beheading children in Iraq. This truly is a scary time in the world. What bothered me most after reading the comments on the article was seeing a comment from an American. He basically came out with if Americans hadn’t done such and such maybe they wouldn’t hate Americans so much. I wanted shake this idiot. I don’t believe he would have come up with such an excuse had they been beheaded in his own town. There is no excuse for such violent murders of children.

    Ps I love how you have your blog setup; I would love to get your tips for someone who is very new to this. Thanks for the informative articles up here,



    • Hi Crystal,

      Thank you for understanding.

      I heard about ISIS’ barbaric acts as well, and it makes me sick. I fail to see how someone could do that to a child… You said it best when you said there’s no excuse for such violent murders of children. At the same time, what a rock-solid faith those children have, to choose death over denying Jesus!

      In regards to my blog setup, I think (for me at least) that blogs are always changing. Always adding new stuff (for example, I’m planning to create a page listing all the imprisoned Christians I know, and their current situations), working on the layout, theme, etc. But I looked at your blog (which I’m now following), and I like the simplicity of your blog. One thing I like to include are widgets. I like the Search widget, the Follow widget that allows people to follow your blog via email, and the Recent Posts and Recent Comments widgets. If you don’t know how to add widgets, let me know!
      In time, you may decide to add a little color to your blog. That could be through a different theme. But that’s the fun part about blogs – you can change them and experiment until you like what you’ve got! =)

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