Pastor Saeed Abedini

UPDATE, December 13: A relative of Saeed’s was able to visit him in prison a couple days ago (Saeed’s mom and dad had to come back to the United States), and was able to give Saeed’s wife Naghmeh a report on Saeed’s condition:

(From Naghmeh):

“Saeed had been made aware of the empty Thanksgiving plate settings to remember him (and the persecuted church). I had gathered the pictures you all had shared to show it to Saeed. He was so encouraged and moved by it!

Saeed continues to have severe pain and would appreciate your prayers. He has felt the presence of Jesus ever so near to him during this time and has felt all of your prayers. He wants you all to know how your prayers have crossed prison walls and how the Lord has been ministering to him. He wanted to thank you all for it!

With the third Christmas approaching without Saeed, the journey is quite difficult. There are a lot of unknowns regarding Saeed’s release and the timing, but both Saeed and I are trusting the Lord. Jesus Christ has never failed nor forsaken us.

Thank you for your continued prayers.”

Please continue to pray for Saeed as he remains imprisoned in Iran because of his Christian faith. He is experiencing severe pain from the internal injuries he’s suffered due to beatings he’s endured in prison. Please also pray for Naghmeh and their two children, as this is an especially difficult time for them during the holidays.


I mentioned American pastor Saeed Abedini in a previous post. Today, Franklin Graham, the ACLJ, and Saeed’s wife Naghmeh are launching 500+ global prayer vigils from Washington D.C. Most of the prayer vigils will be held tomorrow on the 26th, as that day marks the second year of Saeed’s wrongful imprisonment in Iran. He was in Iran working on building an orphanage when he was arrested and told he must face criminal charges for his Christian faith. These vigils are meant to raise awareness for Saeed and others who are persecuted for their faith. There are over 500 cities hosting prayer vigils in 40 countries. You can actually watch the prayer vigil in Washington D.C. live from 6-7pm ET here:

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the Iranian President will be in New York the same time as the vigils. It is anticipated that¬†Christiane Amanpour of CNN will ask President Rouhani directly why Saeed is still imprisoned, as many people have requested that she do so. If she does indeed ask him this question, as I pray she will, it will be very interesting to hear his answer.

I’m asking for prayers for Saeed’s release. I pray that God would show President Rouhani how many people from all over the world care about Saeed, and that President Rouhani would consequently release Saeed immediately and unconditionally.

Saeed Family Photo


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