Furthering God’s Kingdom

Let’s say someone took a bullet for you and died. Wouldn’t you live your life extremely thankful for that person’s sacrifice? Wouldn’t you be thankful for every single day you get to live because that person died for you?

It should be the same with our relationship with (and work in), Christ. He died for us – He saved us from God’s righteous judgment. Such judgment would’ve been just because of our sins. “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) We get to live because Christ died. Can’t we, and shouldn’t we, live with thankful hearts, filled with gratitude for every minute, hour, and day we’ve given? And Christ didn’t stay dead. He rose from the dead and defeated death. Therefore, because of Him, we not only have life on earth, but also the hope of eternal life in heaven (for those who take Him as their Lord and Savior.) Christ sacrificed Himself so that we might live. I challenge each and every one of you to live each day with thankfulness for yet more time to further God’s Kingdom. Treat every day like it’s your last on earth. For who knows? Perhaps it is. If so, what have you done with your life? How have you used the time given to you – the time bought with Christ’s sacrifice?

How have you, and how will you, further God’s Kingdom today and every other day you’re blessed with here on earth?


5 thoughts on “Furthering God’s Kingdom

  1. My answer is: To Love others the way Christ loves us. Then His light will shine in & through us and the lost will desire Christ for themselves.


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